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Artist Statement

My interest in art is rooted in a love of color and play.   I incorporate attitude, energy and instinct to drive colors, shapes and texture to create a visual record of the sensations I experience throughout the painting process.  My art speaks on behalf of my emotional and spiritual self in a way which I am unable to express through words alone.  


As I begin a new painting, I feel the excitement of an unhurried road trip with no firm destination in mind.  The journey generates its own energy presenting choices, challenges and surprises along the way.


A painting is complete when my thirst for new adventure settles into a reflection on the road well-traveled.”My art is a record of the emotions and energy generated through the painting process.  This can be seen in the variation of colors, use of texture and layering in my work.  My hope is for viewers of the art to experience and synchronize with some of those same emotions.

 I live and work in the artist enclave of Little Forest Hills in east Dallas.  

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