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After Some Consideration

 20x20 Signed and Numbered print

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U.S. $55


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U.S.  $10

Outside U.S.  $14

About Me

When Walls Cry, Who Will Pay_ (1)_edited

U.S.   $18

Outside U.S. $22

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Custom Paintings

I am happy to work with you to create a custom piece for your home or office.  Get in touch and let's discuss

I'm a Dallas-based visual artist, working primarily with oil and acrylic. My painting displays the joy and serenity I feel when mixing and applying colors and textures to form a unified composition.


My art is a record of the emotions and energy generated through the painting process.  This can be seen in the variation of colors, use of texture and layering in my work.  My hope is for viewers of the art to experience and synchronize with some of those same emotions.


I am is currently in the midst of a one-year commitment to paint every day.  I live and work in the artist enclave of Little Forest Hills in east Dallas.  

Boxed-In Note Cards Pack of 6 w/envelopes

Free Boxed In pin with card purchase - free shipping

Outside U.S. $75

A gallary of paintings which have found homes over the years and a few other tidbits

I'ld love to hear from you


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